Highlighting the Features That Make Your Vacation Rental Website Irresistible

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by Dan

May 23, 2024

Hey there! If you’re a vacation rental owner in Western North Carolina you know how important it is to make your property stand out. As a web designer specializing in vacation rental websites, I’ve seen how effectively showcasing amenities on a well-designed website can transform a listing. We all know that websites like airbnb and vrbo lists out plenty of spots, but it’s such a saturated market and vacation rental owners are turning to build websites to not only get direct bookings, but to really showcase their property in a new light and a more in-depth way. Let’s dive into tips on enhancing your website to highlight your amenities and why branding and marketing are essential.


The Importance of a Strong Online Presence

I’m always planning a trip somewhere and often times I still book places that aren’t that far from Asheville since the mountains of Western North Carolina are quite simply the best. I spend hours searching various vacation rental websites, looking for the perfect cozy cabin with a mix of rustic charm and modern comfort. The properties that always catch my eye had one thing in common: their websites effectively showcased their amenities!

From hot tubs with breathtaking views to fully-equipped kitchens, the standout listings painted a vivid picture of what my stay would be like. This experience showed me how vacation rental owners can attract more guests by enhancing their websites. Here’s why showcasing amenities and having strong branding and marketing are essential.

Designing Your Website to Highlight Comfort and Convenience

Cozy Bedding and Linens

There’s nothing like sinking into a comfortable bed after a long day. On your website, highlight your high-quality bedding and linens. Mention thread count, softness of the sheets, and pillow variety. A good night’s sleep is a major selling point.

Fully-Equipped Kitchen

Travelers love the option to cook their meals, especially for extended stays. Showcase your kitchen amenities by listing all appliances, utensils, and cookware. Include high-quality photos and mention special gadgets like a coffee maker or blender. My wife always tries to make sure that the kitchen is large enough to accommodate as that’s always the main spot to be in for any house or cabin. 

Wi-Fi and Entertainment Options

Reliable Wi-Fi is a must. Highlight this along with other entertainment options like smart TVs, streaming services, and board games. Show how your rental is perfect for a movie or game night. Sometimes you still have to get some work done and making sure those people can rest knowing they’ll still have access to wifi is a huge plus! 


Emphasizing Unique Features on Your Website


While listing websites offer convenience, the trade-off is often limited customization. Your very own website provides a canvas for unlimited creativity and personalization. Imagine a space where you control not just the visual aesthetics but the entire narrative. Craft a story around your property, weaving in details that automated listings might miss. From the layout and color scheme to the words that describe each room, every aspect can reflect the distinctive charm of your rental. This level of control allows you to curate an online experience that resonates with potential guests, enticing them with a virtual journey that mirrors the uniqueness of your property. 

Does your property have a backstory that you think others would enjoy to hear about? Everyone and I mean everyone loves a great backstory and it draws them in to want to be apart of it and experience it!

Outdoor Spaces and Views

One of the biggest draws of a vacation rental is the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. If your property has a deck, patio, garden, or private balcony, showcase these areas prominently on your website. Describe the views and outdoor furniture, and include stunning photos of sunsets or the surrounding landscape.

Hot Tubs and Pools

Who doesn’t love a relaxing soak in a hot tub or a refreshing dip in the pool? Highlight these amenities prominently on your website. Describe the experience of soaking under the stars or cooling off on a hot summer day with captivating images. I for one, will always search for a hot tub when booking a spot! 

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Many travelers don’t want to leave their furry friends behind. If your rental is pet-friendly, make it known on your website! Highlight pet-specific amenities like a fenced yard, pet beds, and nearby walking trails. Mention local pet-friendly attractions. Bonus tip: If you have a dog snap some photos of your dog to include in some of the photos! 


Personal Touches and Local Recommendations on Your Website


Local Guides and Personalized Recommendations

Some owners provide personalized recommendations for local attractions, restaurants, and hidden gems. Create a section on your website with your favorite spots and tips. It adds a personal touch that guests will appreciate. Even better is when you also include more information on these local places in a blog post and build a relationship with your neighborhood small businesses!

Welcome Baskets and Complimentary Items

A small gesture can go a long way. A welcome basket with snacks, local treats, or even a bottle of wine can make guests feel special. Highlight these thoughtful touches on your website to show potential guests how you go the extra mile. The best I’ve seen is a complimentary bottle of Tequila! 


Why Branding and Marketing Matter


Creating a Memorable Brand

Your vacation rental is more than just a place to stay; it’s an experience. Develop a strong brand identity and use consistent colors, fonts, and imagery on your website to convey your property’s personality. A strong brand builds trust and recognition.

Professional Photos and Virtual Tours

High-quality photos make a strong first impression. Hire a professional photographer to capture your rental’s best angles. Virtual tours can give potential guests a better sense of the space, making your website more engaging. Bonus tip: Take photos of models or friends enjoying the space so your potential guests can really get the feeling of what it would be like to be there and let them envision themselves as that person sitting next to the fireplace or hanging out in the hot tub!

Engaging Descriptions and Storytelling

A great description can transport potential guests into the experience. Use storytelling to describe a typical day at your property. Paint a picture of waking up to birdsong, enjoying coffee on the deck, and exploring the local area.

SEO and Local Marketing

To attract guests, your website needs to be easily found. Implement SEO best practices and focus on local keywords. Consider local marketing strategies like partnering with local businesses or getting featured in local travel blogs.




My search for that charming cabin in Western North Carolina taught me how much effort goes into making a vacation rental irresistible. By effectively showcasing amenities on your website and investing in strong branding and marketing, you can create an inviting and memorable experience for your guests. Whether you’re in the serene mountains of Western North Carolina or the bustling area of Northern Atlanta, showcasing your amenities and having a strong online presence can make all the difference. Happy hosting!

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Why is it important to highlight amenities on my vacation rental website?

Highlighting amenities on your vacation rental website is crucial because it helps potential guests visualize their stay and understand the value of your property. By showcasing unique features like cozy bedding, fully-equipped kitchens, and outdoor spaces, you can differentiate your rental from others and attract more bookings.

What are some effective ways to showcase amenities on my vacation rental website?

Effective ways to showcase amenities include:

  • Using high-quality photos to highlight key features such as outdoor spaces, hot tubs, and modern kitchens.
  • Providing detailed descriptions that paint a vivid picture of the guest experience.
  • Offering virtual tours to give potential guests a better sense of the space.
  • Including personalized recommendations and local guides to add a personal touch.
How can professional branding improve my vacation rental’s appeal?

Professional branding can significantly enhance your vacation rental’s appeal by creating a memorable and trustworthy image. Consistent use of colors, fonts, and imagery on your website helps convey your property’s personality and values. Strong branding builds recognition and trust, making potential guests more likely to choose your rental over others.

Why are professional photos and virtual tours important for my vacation rental website?

Professional photos and virtual tours are important because they create a strong first impression and help potential guests visualize their stay. High-quality images showcase your rental’s best features, while virtual tours provide an immersive experience, allowing guests to explore the property in detail. These visual elements can significantly increase engagement and booking rates.

How can I optimize my vacation rental website for search engines?

to optimize your vacation rental website for search engines, implement SEO best practices such as:

  • Using relevant keywords in your content, titles, and meta descriptions.
  • Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly.
  • Creating high-quality, engaging content that provides value to your audience.
  • Building backlinks by collaborating with local businesses or getting featured in local travel blogs.
  • Regularly updating your website with fresh content to keep it relevant.

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